RISM A I, A 1384 – Arcadelt: Missae tres Iacobo Arcadet . . .

Also cataloged as RISM A I, AA 1384

Local sigla: SCHL 168; Tonk Schl 27

Lutetiae (Paris): Adrian Le Roy & Robert Ballard, 1557

Formatting: [add detail]

Dedication: [add detail]

Attributions: Jacob Arcadelt, Jean Moutoon, Andreas de Silva

Voicing: 4-6 v.v. (S, A, T, B, …)


b[(Gloria) …Et in terra pax]
c[(Credo) …Patrem omnipotente-]
e[Agnus Dei]
g[(Gloria) …Et in terra pax]
h[(Credo) …Patrem omnipotente-]
j[Agnus Dei]
l[(Gloria) …Et in terra pax]
m[(Credo) …Patrem omnipotente-]
o[Agnus Dei]

Notational Analysis:

ID:Initial Clefs:Init. Men.:Sig.:Final:Parts:
aG2, C2, C3, C4CutC1G, D, G3
bG2, C2, C3, C4CutC1D, G2
cG2, C2, C3, C4CutC1G, G, [D], G4
dG2, C2, C3, C4CutC + CutC3 (t.p.)1G, [G], G, [D], G4/5
eG2, C2, C3, [C3], C4CutC1G, G2
fC1, C3, C4, F4, F3CutC1F, C, F3
gC1, C3, C4, F4, F3CutC1F, F2
hC1, C3, C4, F4, F3CutC1F, C, F3
iC1, C3, C4, F4, F3CutC + CutC3 (s.p.)1F, F, [C], F3/4
jC1, [C1], C3, C4, F4, F3CutC1F, F2
kG2, C2, C3, F3CutC1G1
lG2, C3, C3, F3CutC0G, G2
mC1, C3, C4, C4, F4CutC0G, G, [G], E4
nC1, C3, C3, F3CutC1F, F, F, [F], F4/5
oC1, C3, C3, F3CutC1F, F2

Textual Analysis:

ID:Source:Liturgical Position / Occasion:
a[“Kyrie” (mass ordinary)]Noe Noe
b[“Gloria” (mass ordinary)][ ”   ” ]
c[“Credo” (mass ordinary)][ ”   ” ]
d[“Sanctus” (mass ordinary)][ ”   ” ]
e[“Agnus Dei” (mass ordinary)][ ”   ” ]
f[“Kyrie” (mass ordinary)]Ave Regina coelorum
g[“Gloria” (mass ordinary)][ ”   ” ]
h[“Credo” (mass ordinary)][ ”   ” ]
i[“Sanctus” (mass ordinary)][ ”   ” ]
j[“Agnus Dei” (mass ordinary)][ ”   ” ]
k[“Kyrie” (mass ordinary)]De Beata Virgine
l[“Gloria” (mass ordinary)][ ”   ” ]
m[“Credo” (mass ordinary)][ ”   ” ]
n[“Sanctus” (mass ordinary)][ ”   ” ]
o[“Agnus Dei” (mass ordinary)][ ”   ” ]

Textual Transcriptions:

*All texts constitute settings of the mass ordinary; notably, complete texts are not carried by each voice part.