RISM B I, 1552/24 – Di Cipriano De Rore Il … Libro De Madrigali A Cinque uoci/2

Uniform short title (German): Madrigali 5stg libro 2 

SCHL 125A; Tonk Schl 406-407, 409-410 

Venegia (Venice): Gardano, 1552

Formatting: quer-4o

Dedication: [add detail]

Attributions: Cipriano de Rore

Voicing: 5 v.v.

NB: I was unable to confirm that the source ID, RISM B I, 1552/24, is accurate for the mf, Tonk Schl 125A, or is a part of the bound group, Tonk Schl 406-407, 409-410. Two items are listed in the SUStB catalog as RISM B I, 1562/20. One corresponds to a 1552 print and one to a 1562 print (both collections of 5-voice madrigals). I suspect one RISM number is incorrect.

No addtnl. details recorded.